Housewives Adventures

Housewives AdventuresSmaller niche sites within the MILF world are a bunch and they seem to come and go in the world of the Internet. One of the smaller and more interesting sites is Housewives Adventures. WIth Housewives Adventures, the site has 100% exclusive videos of MILF’s and the scenes in the videos and pictures are housewife related, as most MILF’s are generally imagined by viewers. The site has all original content that you will only find on this site and does a fine yet smaller job on the content.

As it is a smaller niche site, Housewives Adventures has 20 videos of the sexy MILF’s for members. The site doesn’t contain any photo sets though and that is somewhat disappointing. It doesn’t appear as the site has had much updating in recent months and seems somewhat abandoned. The site does include access to over 25+ other network sites, so gaining access to those is a huge PLUS. The videos can be downloaded or streamed as well. If you want a British or UK slant on the MILF scene with a smaller site, Housewives Adventures might be a site to visit.